What we do

du ▪ ra ▪ ca ▪ (pronounced doo-rah-kah) duraca is Puerto Rican for “tough cookie,” and it was my nickname growing up. Hi, I’m Tasha. I founded Duraca Strategic to help small businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits realize their goals and make the world a better place. I offer business strategy and marketing consulting services that are custom-tailored for you — your organization, needs, goals, budget, style, timing, and where you are in the process.

You can count on me as a strategic partner and adviser. I know you have a million things you’re trying to balance and achieve, and that your time and resources are precious. I’ll help you figure out what you actually need and the best approach for your unique organization.


I only take on clients I believe in — so you can rest assured I’m committed to your mission. I founded Duraca Strategic so I could help organizations like yours increase your impact. Every business has unique needs and challenges. Rather than selling you on a set package of services, as many marketers and strategists do, I’ll partner with you and design a custom approach that will give you the most value toward meeting your needs and business objectives.


I can help you with things like:

  • Business strategy. I’ll help you assess your competitors, and the market and landscape you’re operating in. We’ll explore what sets your organization apart and how to leverage that. I can help you figure out how to price your products, optimize your workflow, find and engage with your customers, and more.
  • Branding. Your brand is more than just your logo, visual identity, and website (though I can help with that, too). We’ll define who your organization is, how you communicate, and what your messaging should be.
  • Marketing, advertising, public relations, and communications strategy. I can help you develop a full communications or campaign plan and a content strategy across earned, owned, and paid media. We’ll look at what’s needed to reach your goals through your website, social media channels, outreach, partnerships, press and media, advertising, and other tactics. We’ll define your key performance indicators (KPIs) and an evaluation approach to track your return on investment (ROI).
  • Content development and campaign execution. Once you’ve approved the strategy, it’s time to execute! We’ll choose a creative approach, and I’ll help you determine what level of support you need to find and manage the right designers, developers, and freelancers to bring your ideas to life and get them out in the world. I can make sure things stay on track, monitor, and optimize performance along the way. 
  • Storytelling and communications training. I can help you get comfortable and sound compelling when you’re talking to potential customers, donors, investors, reporters, employees, and partners.

Aren’t sure exactly what you need or what those words mean? Don’t worry, I’ll help you figure it out! I can help you answer questions like:

  • How can I reach my business goals?
  • How can I stand out from my competitors?
  • Who should I be trying to reach and why?
  • How can I reach them, and what should I say to inspire action?
  • What should my communications look like?


I’ll custom-tailor the process to meet your needs. But generally speaking, it will look something like this:

  • Intake – Interested in working with me? Start by filling out this form, and I’ll follow up to schedule a free call. This is to make the most of your time and make sure we’re on the same page.
  • Research and Discovery – Any good strategy is based on research, and this will be one of the most time-intensive and important aspects of the process.
  • Recommendations – This is the culmination of all that research. You’ll get actionable insights and strategies you can use.
  • Content creation and Implementation – Whether you’ve never worked with a web developer or are a pro at coming up with Google Ad copy, I’ll work with you to determine what level of support you need.
  • Monitoring and Optimization – Collecting and analyzing data — and modifying your approach — is essential for growth.

Ready to get started? Fill out this form, and I’ll be in touch to schedule your free consultation.